Library Instruction

Just Two Weeks....

That's the all we need to develop an excellent library instruction session for your class. The Eshleman Library offers in-depth instruction sessions and informative tours to help orient students with library services and facilities. Classes may be customized for a particular course or assignment. Please keep the following in mind when considering library instruction:

  • Library instruction is most effective in conjunction with a class assignment. Please provide the librarians with a copy of the assignment before the tour.
  • In-depth sessions must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. It may not be possible to accommodate a class if adequate notice is not given.
  • Instructional packets or handouts are available and may be customized for your class upon request.
  • Please have the following information available when scheduling a Library Instruction Session:
      • Date and time for instruction session
      • Alternate date and time for instruction session
      • Class size
      • Your contact information
      • A copy of all relevant assignments or syllabi should be dropped off at the Reference Desk or emailed to the assigned Librarian.
  • If you plan to have your class work in the library without receiving a tour please inform us ahead of time so conflicts can be avoided.

  • Need A Library Instruction?

    Contact a Tessa Betts: for further information. Remember, just two weeks is all it takes for your students have a great library experiences!